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Welcome to AudioAnnals.Com
A commercially sponsored portal for the History of Audio Technology.

   Using This Site

This site is optimized for viewing at 800 x 600 resolution and Hi-Color
Updates to AudioAnnals are made daily. Please check back often.

Get the Necessary Browser Plug-ins:

Why does AudioAnnals.Com use a process as obscure as DjVu when everyone has an Acrobat reader installed?

  • DjVu represents another one of those little jewels from Bell/AT&T Labs.
  • DjVu files are almost half the size of Acrobat files.
  • DjVu seems to preserve the graphics with their original fidelity and allows for a greater degree of maginifcation.
  • The OCR engine built into DjVu seems to be superior.

DjVu Technology
AudioAnnals.Com makes extensive use of documents in the DjVu format. A free plug-in reader is available from DjVuZone.Org.

Or directly from LizardTech

Windows - MAC OSX - UNIX

Links to USPTO patents requiring a plug-in TIFF viewer are preceeded by
an *.

Patents issued before 1976 are stored on the U.S. Patent Office web site as bit mapped images; 300dpi TIFF files, CCITT 4 compression. This format requires the installation of a viewer plug-in for your browser. PC users may download a free plug-in from AlternaTIFF. MAC users can view the images using Apple’s QuickTime plug-in.


How to best enjoy the contents of AudioAnnals.Com.

All patents, so far processed by AudioAnnals (from 1877 to 2005), are listed in this page. Check back often as more patents are processed almost daily. Hint: Open the documents twice (two open windows). This makes it easier to view the text and drawings simultaneously. Enjoy!

How the Links Work:

The U.S. Patent No. x,xxx,xxx link opens the patent document (in a new browser window) from the USPTO site. Patents issued before 1976 (* before the link ) are displayed on the USPTO site as TIFF images, only, and require the installation of a free Tiff Viewer plug-in.

Inventors and Assignees’ links open any biographical information we have in the current browser window.

The [abstract] link opens the Abstract Listing in the current browser window. As of June 27, 2002 abstracts will not be published for newly processed patent listings. AudioAnnals is in the process of converting the site to generate pages, dynamically, from a database. Creating the abstract listings would be unnecessary work. Please view the DjVu documents in the mean time.

The [Pt-TxtxxxKB] links are being added to patents issued after 1975. They link to local copies of the USPTO full text HTML files and contain no drawings or mathematical expressions. Where available, they should be opened in lieu of the second instance of the [DjVuxxxKB] link for simultaneous viewing of the patent’s text and drawings.

The [DjVuXXXKB] link opens a DjVu rendering of the Patent Office’s bitmapped TIFF image in a new browser window. In order to view the DjVu files you will need to install the free DjVu Reader plug-in. These files also contain rough OCR rendering of the patent’s text that may be copied and pasted into your research document.





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