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Electro-Voice (a division of Telex Communications)
12000 Portland Ave. S.
Burnsville, MN 55337 USA

Telephone: (952)884-4051
Fax: (952)887-5588
Toll Free: (800)392.3497

Historical Information


Clark, Keith, ProSoundWeb: Reflections: Electro-Voice At 70 And Beyond

Clark, Keith ProSoundWeb: EV Timeline 1927-2001

Broadus, D.
Bryson, Michael
Burroughs, Lou
Button, Douglas J.
Carlson, David E.
Clemans, Jimmy L.
Driskill, Larry
Early, Thad
Engelmann, Rudolph H.
Ewald, Gary T.
Fidlin, Paul F.
Foreman, Chris
Frye, Kent
Gilliam, John
Gunness, David W.
Hagey, Lee
Jackson, Gregory D.
Kahn, Al
Keele, Don
Kooy, Wayne J.
Lininger, Thomas C.
Long, Jim
Mullis, Glenn
Newman, Ray
Overley, John P.
Ramsey, Robert C.
Raventos, Bill
Watson, Alan R.


Unprocessed Patents:

3,944,756 Lininger Electret microphone
4,071,112 Keele & Broadus Horn loudspeaker
4,151,378 Watson Electrostatic microphone with damping to improve omnidirectionality, flatten frequency response, reduce wind noise
4,194,096 Ramsey Microphone shock mount and assembly
4,258,235 Watson Pressure gradient electret microphone
4,401,859 Watson Directional microphone with high frequency selectiveacoustic lens
4,410,770 Hagey Directional microphone
D276,518 Clemans Portable loudspeaker system
D277,852 Watson Microphone
4,525,604 Frye Horn loudspeaker with convex diaphragm
4,547,632 Bryson Dynamic loudspeaker
D282,063 Watson Microphone
4,567,608 Watson & Overley Microphone for use on location
4,593,405 Frey & Ewald Loudspeaker system with combination crossover and equalizer
4,624,338 Ewald Loudspeaker enclosure for a vibrating diaphragm loudspeaker
4,629,029 Gunness Multiple driver manifold
4,646,873 Bryson Microphone and acoustic equalizer therefor
4,673,888 Engelmann & Early Power control system
4,685,532 Gunness Constant directivity loudspeaker horn
4,716,353 Engelmann Battery charger
4,717,889 Engelmann Power control system for periodically and selectivelyenergizing or shorting primary windings of transformers for controlling the output voltage across a common secondary winding
4,718,517 Carlson Loudspeaker and acoustic transformer therefor
4,733,749 Newman & Carlson High output loudspeaker for low frequency reproduction
4,745,020 Jackson Engraved plastic article
4,775,766 Kooy, Frey & Fidlin Tapped transformer/switch assembly
4,779,035 Engelmann End of charge detector
4,824,715 Jackson Engraving process and product thereof
4,923,031 Carlson High output loudspeaker system
4,933,975 Button Dynamic loudspeaker for producing high audio power
4,984,278 Frey, Kooy & Fidlin Adjustable mount for a loudspeaker
5,020,630 Gunness Loudspeaker and horn therefor


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