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Welcome to AudioAnnals.Com
A commercially sponsored portal for the History of Audio Technology.


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Audio Industry Links, General

Ken Berger’s list of nearly 3,000 industry links in 93 categories. Work on this document began in 1995 at EAW and continues on the ProSoundWeb site.


Audio History Projects, Manufacturers

Lansing Heritage Web Site
Don McRitchie, Historian and Webmaster.
Company and Product History, Altec-Lansing, James B. Lansing (JBL Professional), et. al.


Audio History Projects, Phonograph


Peter S. Liebert, Jr.

Good color photographs of antique talking machines. Book sources, repair info and catalog reproductions.

Allen Koenigsberg’s site for collectors of antique talking machines. Parts and history books.

Audio History Projects, Digital Audio

IEEE History Center


IEEE Digital Audio Recording
(DAR) History Project r/sloan/DAR/dar_index.html


IEEE Automatic Speech Synthesis & Recognition (ASSR) History Project r/sloan/ASSR/assr_index.html



“Under a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which is funding a series of similar initiatives around the globe, we have assembled and posted material immediately available to us concerning two areas of recent technology. We now urge pioneers in these areas to submit personal recollections, documents, pointers to collections of documents, and comments on materials submitted by others. We will attempt to weave this materials into a historical narrative that will preserve the rich texture of the engineering enterprise. The project will build on the Sloan Foundation’s ongoing support of the development of a model for the creation of Web sites to gather historical information, and the final report will contribute to that effort. At the same time, the final products—the Web pages themselves—will be able to join the previous efforts in creating a "Web ring" of the history of recent technology that will begin to attain critical mass. Our two areas of interest are Automatic Speech Synthesis and Recognition (ASSR) and Digital Audio Recording (DAR). If you are interested in participating, or just in observing our progress, please explore further.” Ed. Quoted from the sites.


Book Sources - Out of Print and Hard to Find



Publications by Organizations

Link to: AES Publications Page

Link to: AES Journal Article Database Search


Hillihard: "Loudspeaker Dividing Networks," article in "Electronics" Magazine, January 1941,
pages 26, 27, 28. Copy available in the Library
of Congress, Washington, D.C.


Black, Harold S.: Modulation Theory - 1953 Van Nostrand, New York

Brittain, James E.: Alexanderson - Pioneer in American Electrical Engineering - Johns Hopkins Press 1992

Kraeuter, David W.: Radio Patent Bibliography Volume 1: Radio and Television Pioneers - Scarecrow Press (800-537-7107), 1992, 319 pages, $39.50

Kraeuter, David W.: Radio Patent Bibliography Volume 2: British Radio and Television Pioneers - Scarecrow Press (800-537-7107), 1993, 206 pages, $27.50

Terman: Radio Engineers Handbook - McGraw-Hill Book Co., N.Y., 1943. Copy available in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Broadcast History, Projects

White, Thomas H. - United States Early Radio History - Articles and extracts about early radio and related technologies, concentrating on the United States in the period from 1897 to 1927.


Media History, Projects

Media History Project

School of Journalism and Mass Communication, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota. Promoting the study of media history from petroglyphs to pixels.

CHRONOMEDIA by David Fisher

“Chronomedia is destined to become the most comprehensive and accurate timeline of developments in communications media ever compiled. By integrating references to all audio-visual media—film and cinema, radio and television, cable and satellite, interactive (multi)media, photography, telegraphy, telephony and even printing and publishing—it becomes easier to see the parallel developments and interactions that have formed the media scene we know today. However, for anyone wishing to follow a particular thread, links are being added to allow chains of references to be followed.” (Ed. Quoted from the site)

Telephone and Telecommunications History Projects

Bill's 200-Year Condensed History of Telecommunications - William von Alven - First published: Feb. 1990 issue of the Billboard




Microphones, vintage

Web Site for Microphone Collectors: This site is provided as a resource for microphone collectors.











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