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Welcome to AudioAnnals.Com
A commercially sponsored portal for the History of Audio Technology.

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A Gift From Our Industry To Our Future Industry

Emory Straus, Editor & Webmeister: AudioAnnals.Com is a web portal for the History of Audio. Its goal is to locate and point to audio history works as a resource rather than write new works. Another goal is to render a big picture using a detailed, interactive time-line to pull together the technology, the people and the companies.

Thousands of pre 1975 audio related patents are just taking up space on the USPTO site. They are stored as bitmapped images (among millions of non-audio documents) and are indexed only by patent no. and classification. If you donít know the patent no. and have to search on the classifications you could spend a week finding a particular document. We are in the process of downloading and converting these images to fully-searchable DjVu documents and posting them to the AudioAnnals site for all to enjoy. As sponsorship grows weíll be able to pay for some help: the task is monumental!

The domain was registered on 01 December 2001. Currently AudioAnnals.Com is a commercial venture, entirely owned by my company, MyMediaStaff, Inc. This saves a great deal of not for profit paperwork and allows the immediate solicitation of sponsors. I am presently devoting nearly full time to the siteís content and sponsor contact. Funds contributed by the sponsors help pay the web expenses (growing daily), keep the lights on, pay the rent and put food on the table.


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